Microvascular decompression of trigeminal neuralgia in a patient with 2 prior gamma knife treatments

The technique of microvascular decompression  can be difficult in patients who have already had prior treatment for trigeminal neuralgia. In this case significant narrowing of the trigeminal nerve was found at the site of prior radiosurgery treatment.  Arterial and venous conflict was found and the surgical technique is illustrated by the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3mE_ZemdG2U

Trigeminal Neuralgia: Intraoperative vs. Imaging Evidence

Interesting study about treating trigeminal neuralgia, comparing high-resolution MRI imaging versus direct viewing of the nerve through surgery. The study noted that “while high-resolution imaging is increasingly used in guiding decisions about surgical interventions for the treatment of trigeminal neuralgia, direct assessment of the extent of vascular contact of the trigeminal nerve is still considered... Read More

Presence of Acom Aneurysm Associated with Age, Bifurcation Angle, and Vessel Diameter

The following study focused on a specific type of aneurysm called an anterior communicating artery aneurysm, or “Acom” aneurysm. Click the link below to read the full article. Background and Purpose—The anterior communicating artery (Acom) aneurysm is the most complex in all cerebral aneurysms, and wider vascular bifurcation angles are considered to be associated with... Read More

Bilateral Hemifacial Spasm

Hemifacial spasm is rarely bilateral, however it can be successfully treated. A case of hemifacial spasm first developed on the left side and after successful treatment, developed on the right side. Both conditions were treated successfully with microvascular decompression. Click here to watch video   Click here for more information on hemifacial spasm